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Naples Marco Island Holidays

The Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida has an object of ineffable beauty in its midst. It is a city that goes by the name of Naples Marco Island. Part of Collier County in Florida in the United States, Naples Marco Island is an excellent place for the tourist who wants to ingest the limitless waves of the Gulf of Mexico. Naples Marco Island is the largest island in the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. It sits on what is called Ten Thousand Islands. Its nearly 15,000-strong population, which can swell to more than double that during the winter months, is accommodated in an area that is just six miles long and four miles wide. Naples Marco Island beckons the tourist who wants fun and frolic.

Naples Marco Island may be the tourist destination of one’s dreams today, but the geology of the place is believed to be at least 6000 years old! The earliest inhabitants are believed to be the Calusa (Caloosa) Indian tribe, which is thought to be of Mayan descent. Naples Marco Island’s tendency to be prone to hurricanes and other natural disturbances can be gauged from the fact that this tribe built fortifications of hundreds of thousands of seashells against these calamities. They, unfortunately, were no match for the marauding Spanish explorers, who brought the same pox into Naples Marco Island that destroyed most of Central and South America, making these imaginative peoples powerless. By the middle of the 18th century, a little before America was to become independent, Naples Marco Island was all but rid of the Calusa Indians. Subsequently, Europeanization of Naples Marco Island was completed with the arrival of W.T. Collier’s family in 1870. His son opened what still exists as a hotel here, the 20-room Olde Marco Inn.

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