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Morocco Holidays

If we term Morocco a land of contrasts, it will not be wrong. There is more to Morocco holidays than the hot sand pit, starting at the teeming beaches of Agadir, extending into the dunes of the Sahara Desert, with the northern half boasting vast expanses of green grazing meadows. For a tourist, holidays to Morocco promise plenty of excitement, thrill and entertainment. Brimming with contrast, colour and mystery, holidays in Morocco offer a chance to see splendours, which is dipped deep in its past glory and relishing its existence in the modern world.

Holidays to Morocco offer a chance to see a land of contrasts, vibrant life, mystery, promising nothing less than entertainment and thrill to the visitors and locals alike. If you want to explore and unravel the mysteries of a land rich in endless surprises, with a culture, religion and lifestyle completely dissimilar to your past experiences, then Morocco holidays is the best to be in. Experience the barricade of snow-clad peaks standing atop a mystic city, facing hidden valleys and dark ravines. Relish the quality of its serene beaches, explore during holidays to Morocco how the country shakes hand with the Mediterranean and hugs the Atlantic, experience the meeting of the East with the West. Experience the exuberant atmosphere filled with entertainment at every step. This is perfect holidays in Morocco – the land of mystery, excitement, thrill and passion!

General Etiquette During Morocco Holidays

Though Morocco holidays offer plenty of thrill and entertainment, the country is strict with its customs and traditions. Drinking is disapproved in public places. As French is widely spoken and understood, it would be considered polite if you knew some conversational French phrases. Being a Muslim country, it is expected during Morocco holidays to found the people to be strict with dress code. It would be nice to follow the normal casual wear in highly crowded places. Men should cover their shoulders. Women’s dresses should be at least below the knee. While entering a mosque, remember to remove your shoes. In case of women, heads should be covered while entering mosques. Though it is not forbidden to drape yourself in beachwear in tourist beach resorts, yet you should not change clothes there whilst on holidays to Morocco.

As Moroccans are hospitable and friendly, it is customary to ask about their family and friends during introduction time whilst on holidays to Morocco. It is considered a good etiquette to shake hands to greet a person of the same gender during holidays in Morocco. In case of opposite gender, the woman should initiate first. If the woman is wearing a veil, it is customary for the opposite gender to give a slight bow. Homosexuality is still considered a taboo. There isn’t much tolerance toward public displays of affection. If you befriend a local, it is customary for the Moroccans to offer food to guests. It is considered rude if somebody refuses this offer. Similarly, you should happily accept any gift offered to you by your host. Even you can reciprocate by bringing a small gift for your host’s children.

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