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Montenegro Getting there and around

Travelling to and within Montenegro is convenient and trouble-free on your Montenegro holidays. Travellers have the option of travelling by air, road, maritime or by railways during their holidays to Montenegro.

AIR – The main airport in Montenegro is the Podgorica airport. It has regular international and domestic flights including flights from London to Podgorica. You may also find cheaper charter flights that usually connect major European destinations to Tivat airport. You can hire buses or taxis to get to other Montenegro cities from the airport.

TRAIN – On your Montenegro holidays, you would find the local railway services to be inexpensive and reliable. There are regular passenger train services through the major cities and timetables are readily available on their website.

BUS – You can hire bus services on your holidays to Montenegro to travel within the country and also to its neighbours. Bus stations are located in most major towns and cities. The prices are generally under 15 euros.  

CAR – You would find many car rental services at airports, hotels and business centres, on your Montenegro holidays. The highways are generally in good condition but the roads are curvy so it is advisable to stay under the speed limit of 50 miles per hour. Also, it may be difficult to enter Montenegro with a car hired from a neighbouring country.

SHIP – There are two main ports at Kotor and Bar. Some international ferry services connect these ports to Italy. On your Montenegro holidays, you may even avail domestic ferry services that are frequent and reliable.  

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