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Montenegro Essential Information

TRADITIONS – On your Montenegro holidays, you would find the culture of the land greatly influenced by its history and location. The ethical ideal of “Humanity and Bravery” is a vital part of their culture. It has been home to many world famous artists and you would come across numerous theatres, galleries and cultural festivals on your holidays to Montenegro.   

DRESS CODE – The dress code is fairly casual for your Montenegro holidays although you are advised to dress modestly when going to churches and monasteries. You might also need warm clothing and durable trainers for mountain hikes on your holidays to Montenegro.

MONEY – You are advised to exchange foreign currency at banks on your Montenegro holidays to get better rates. Credit cards are generally accepted but it is always advisable to carry adequate cash on your holidays to Montenegro.

SECURITY – Montenegro holidays are a pleasant experience with very few chances of any unpleasant incidents. Policemen can be easily spotted at the boulevards and crossroads. Carry your identity papers with you at all time during your holidays to Montenegro.

TIPPING – Hotels and restaurant bills don’t include service charge so a tip of 10% would be sufficient. It is not obligatory to tip taxi drivers although they would appreciate any tip coming their way.

OTHER INFO – Electricity is 220 V 50 Hz with round two-pin plugs. You’ll have to set your watches ahead on your Montenegro holidays as it is an hour ahead of UK time.

CONTACT INFO - In case of emergencies during your Montenegro holidays, you may contact the British High Commission in Podgorica at +382 (20) 618 010.

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