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Montego Bay Holidays

Montego Bay holidays are the most popular in the whole of Jamaica. Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second largest city and capital of St. James Parish. Holidays in Montego Bay is a visual treat and come full with entertainment. Beautiful Caribbean beaches, crystal clear water, cruises and cosmopolitan approach define the spirit of holidays in Montego Bay. When Christopher Columbus first visited Montego Bay in 1494, he called the place ‘Golfo de Buen Tiempo’. Under rapid modernization, Montego Bay holidays have become one of the best in Caribbean.

Picturesque Montego Bay

Montego Bay holidays are an eclectic amalgamation of golden Jamaican sands, pristine Caribbean waters with 10 mile long beaches and reggae music. Holiday makers head to Montego Bay for its duty free shopping, sea cruises, to bask in Doctor's Cave beach with turquoise waters and pretty mountains that hem the beach resort. Holidays in Montego Bay are for all age groups. The young and vibrant visit the Bay for its exciting nightlife at Gloucester Road seafront, families and older couples like to experience the tranquillity that surrounds the quieter Montego Bay beaches and romantic couples love to spend nights strolling at its beaches and dine by the sea. Providing luxury holidays, budget holidays and perfect beach holidays, Montego Bay holidays are all inclusive holidays. All inclusive Montego Bay holidays include all hotel types, golf courses, diving schools for water sports, exotics reefs and marine world and terrain sports.  

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