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Mombasa Attractions and Activities

Mombasa is extremely popular for its safaris and they also serve as a major tourist attraction. Some of the popular ones for tourists on Mombasa holidays are:
•    F. King Tours and Safaris
•    First African Dream Tours and Safaris- they offer safaris and tours to Kenya, Ugande and Tanzania.
•    Freddy’s Safaris Day Tour- They provide tours to almost the whole of East Africa and one can enjoy the wildlife, heritage and culture offered by the ride during holidays to Mombasa.
•    African Memorable Safaris
•    Natural World Mombasa Safaris- They provide guided tours for couples, families, private groups, students and seniors. The safaris depart and finish at Mombasa and Kenya coast beach hotels.

Apart, from the tours and safaris, the travellers can also enjoy some other legendary activities and attractions in Mombasa which provides insights into its rich history and culture during holidays to Mombasa.
•    Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Center: They are located on the north coast of Mombasa. The project is run by Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya. There are 4 sheltered workshops, a cultural center and a restaurant. The workshops comprise of jewellery made from soapstone, brass, copper, seeds, recycled materials, bone products and semi precious stones. The activities offered during Mombasa holidays are, costume exhibits, village reconstruction and open air museum.
•    Gedi Ruins: They are the most historic ruins found in Mombasa. The ruins are the residues of a Swahili town in Gedi. Earlier, Gedi had a palace, mosque and large stone houses. The place was declared a Kenyan national Park in 1948 and even today the ruins are a major tourist destination among tourists on Mombasa holidays.
•    Hindu Temples: The Hindu Temples stand as one of well known symbols depicting Mombasa’s cultural diversity. The temples continue to be a popular tourist spot and one can enjoy a tour inside the temple to explore its historical background during your Mombasa holidays.

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