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Mombasa Holidays

Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city and lies on the Indian Ocean. The magical history of Mombasa is clearly visible in its enchanting streets, mosques and cramped, ancient houses. In contrast to this is the modern Mombasa with its wide lanes. The relaxed atmosphere, despite its being one of the busiest ports of Africa makes it a great holiday destination. The diversity coupled with the Arab and Asian influence provides an oriental flavour to the city. Swahili is the first language and Swahili civilization lends a distinctive character to Mombasa.

It is a treat to one’s eyes, to watch the women of Mombasa wearing a head to foot buibuis, a brilliant kanga outfit and the men are stunningly dressed in kanga gowns and hip-slung kikoi wraps. Therefore, tourists on Mombasa holidays get an opportunity to feel the culture and lifestyle of local people of the city. However, the island doesn’t offer beaches as such, and the tourists here are mainly seen to be indulging in shopping.

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