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Mojacar Attractions and Activities

The region of Mojacar is primarily divided into two parts: “Mojacar Pueblo”, the historic town on the hill and ‘Mojacar Playa’ the coastal area.
Mojacar Pueblo is a charming maze of twisted streets comprising of splendid views of the mountains, sea and desert area. This region has many trinket and gift shops, restaurants and bars as well as art and craft shops and galleries for tourists on Mojacar holidays. One can buy anything from trendy clothing to cultural souvenirs such as hand woven rugs, esparto grass basket work and unique pottery stuff. Parque Commercial is a fine shopping centre worth visiting during Mojacar holidays. Wednesdays is the time when local flee-market is arranged for the locals and the tourists.
For people looking for some foot tapping celebration and an ebullient atmosphere during Mojacar holidays, beginning of June is the time when Moors and Christians’ festival, a carnival takes place at Mojacar. This is a great fiesta and greeted by plenty of fireworks, music and explosions. Locals, dressed in defined costumes, enact the colonial battles and events. The Plaza Nueva and the Mirador Castillo are two of the most popular places during Mojacar holidays.
‘Mojacar Playa’ is the beach region of Mojacar and is about 2 kms away from ‘Mojacar Pueblo’. Mojacar Playa is not as much developed but the 17 km region comprises many beaches and thus have ample place for tourists to relax during Mojacar holidays. One can relax and enjoy at any of the beaches and indulge in various water sports during their holidays to Mojacar. A lonely place for sunbathing, diving site for scuba diving and a riding school for horse riding are all easily available. Windsurfing, sailing and other water sports are available for people looking for some adventure during Mojacar holidays.

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