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Mobor Holidays

Mobor holidays are gifted with a stunning beach experience and a wide array of homely places to make a stay wonderful. Mobor holidays are also known for few really grand luxury hotels. Besides the popularity of Mobor holidays for a long stretch of sandy beach, Mobor holidays are also known for exciting water sport experiences.

Mobor holidays are ready to deliver lazy beaches, fun and yet more fun round the year! Once the Mobor holidays begin, the only real rest you’re going to get is only after the holidays as there is always so much to do and feel. Waters sports and hotels with many cool facilities have always been the biggest attractions of Mobor holidays. Moreover, boat trips to view beautiful creatures of the sea and stuffed markets at Cavelossim make a unique combination of attracting guests of quite varying tastes and needs. Zip Holidays suggests making fairly long stays at Mobor to receive all the amenities that Mobor holidays have to offer.

In Mobor holidays, one can adjust days and nights depending on the kind of excitement or relaxation that may be desired as there are many options to do so. You can chill at the beach, both in terms of playing with water or lazing in the sun, and can experience some of the tastiest meals of the local cuisine of Goa.

Just a walk way is Betul beach, which is a small yet beautiful neighbour of the Mobor beach. Mobor holidays are a great choice for backpackers in simple need of many good things at once. Overall, Mobor holidays are just perfect for a  fun-filled feel of South Goa. Various water sport options such as parasailing, windsurfing, water skiing and many more make Mobor holidays excellent for rather playful spirits.

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