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Mlini Holidays

Holidays in Mlini, a quaint fishing village bordering the Bay of Zupa, offers vacation in serene surrounding. Mlini was once popular for the water mills. Many little streams of the bygone era flow through the area. The freshwater springs add to the charm during Milni holidays. A holiday in Mlini is ideal for tourists looking for a quiet beach holiday close.

Mlini is ideal for exploring the picturesque Zupa region. Holidays to Mlini unveil stunning coastlines, beautiful olive groves, orchards, hills and striking mountains. You can go on excursions to resort of Srebreno and the pretty village of Trgoviste during Mlini holidays. Boat trips to Elafiti and Mljet islands are also very popular among tourists on Mlini holidays. Nightlife is another attraction during Mlini holidays. Charming cafés, bars and restaurants are in plenty on beaches and complement beach holidays in Mlini.

General Etiquette in Mlini
• Mlini holiday table manners are continental, i.e. the fork is held in the left hand and the knife in the right while eating.
• Do not begin eating until the host signals to begin.
• At formal meals, the napkin is unfolded and placed on the lap.

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