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Mexico Etiquette and Caution

Drink only bottled water, avoid food sold by street vendors, don’t wear or flaunt expensive jewellery and never wear ‘revealing’ clothes. Carry some I.D. such as your driving license at all times. International driving permits are recommended if you ever need to rent a vehicle on holidays to Mexico.

Mexico City - Travel in the city is safe and central areas are well lit. Just as in any other crowded place, awareness of one’s surroundings when on holidays to Mexico is the most basic precaution. Common sense will go a long way in helping you stay safe. Keep well away from dark and deserted spots, especially at night. People are helpful but fluency in Spanish makes things considerably easier on Mexico holidays. Polanco, Lomas and Santa Fe districts have the maximum number of English speaking people. Corruption is rampant among Police officers but do not offer a bribe upfront if somehow you manage to break a law. Several places have tourist police officers who’re often more helpful than the ordinary policeman to tourists on Mexico holidays. Avoid hailing free range cabs as it could be dangerous since taxi robberies have been known to occur. Pickpockets are at large and find tourists on Mexico holidays with bulky pockets an attractive target. Carry cash in small denominations and never flash valuables, passports and other ID. Never leave anything on your car seat that will attract attention.

A specialised office recently opened by Mexico City Govt. assists tourists on holidays to Mexico who’ve been victimised and multilingual help is available. The address is - Victoria St. 76, Centro Historico.

Laws on Alcohol are harsh and drinking on the streets isn’t looked at kindly by the authorities. Drunk driving is punishable by big fines or worse and tourists on Mexico holidays are not exempt. Random alcohol tests can see people land in jail for 36 hrs and are most common near clubs and bars.

Smoking inside private and public buildings is a strict no-no on holidays to Mexico.

Recent laws don’t permit smoking in enclosed public spaces and fines are hefty. Ask your waiter if it’s ok to smoke. Smoking marijuana and other “light” drugs can result in imprisonment.

Meeting Etiquette – Social situations require women to pat each other on the right shoulder or forearm instead of shaking hands, while men consider shaking hands most appropriate unless they know someone well. Only call someone by their first name if invited to do so when on Mexico holidays.

Bring sweets or flowers when invited to a Mexican’s home, but never marigolds or red flowers. Gifts are opened right away, always react enthusiastically on receiving one.

Arrive late when invited to dinner, 30 min is usually appropriate. Only follow suit when your hostess begins eating. Women never give toasts. While eating, wrists should rest on the table’s edge and hands should be visible. Leaving some food on one’s plate is considered polite.

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