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Mexico Culture and Festivals

Mexico is one of the world’s most culturally flourishing countries and on your Mexico holidays you’re likely to experience some of its 5,000 or so traditional festivities!

Jan 6th – Three Kings’ Day is celebrated nationwide and commemorates the arrival of “reyes magos” or the three wise men in Bethlehem bearing precious gifts for Jesus.

Feb 23rd-28th – Five days prior to Ash Wednesday, partying and celebrations begin in the streets as colourful parades set the tempo. The Carnaval is not to be missed on Mexico holidays.

March 13-20th - Xochimilco Fest in Mexico City is an annual event celebrated over four days, traditionally one fortnight before Easter to please Mexican goddesses for a good harvest.

Apr 28th–May14th – Tabasco Fair hosted at Villahermosa is a grand fest where you’ll find the best of arts and crafts and the most sumptuous of cuisine. Boat parades, beauty contests and street band performances add flavour to this incredible party you will love on holidays to Mexico.

May 21st–Jun6th – Gourmets and gourmands all assemble to tease their pallets at the annual International Wine and Cheese fest held in enchanting Tequisquiapan where producers of wine and cheese proudly offer their excellent wares. Handicrafts, concerts and regional cuisine are another festival highlight.

Jul 29th–Aug12th – International Chamber Music Fest is a superb classical music extravaganza that features internationally recognised ensembles, many guest musicians as also local artists who perform to appreciative tourists on Mexico holidays and local audiences in the San Miguel de Allende open gardens and gothic cathedral.

Aug 24–27th – Morismo of Bracho is a majestic re-enactment of famous battles between defiant Moors and Christians in Zacatecas and involves several thousand actors. Held annually for over three centuries, it’s a special event you won’t want to miss on holidays to Mexico.

Sep 15–16th – Mexican Independence Day celebrates its declaration of independence from Spanish rule in 1810. September the 15th sees theatrical re-enactments of great revolutionary Father Hidalgo’s momentous call to his fellow countrymen to be part of the uprising against the Spaniards. Military parades are held in most cities on September 16th and the cheering crowds on holidays to Mexico are great fun.

Oct 13-30th – Revueltas Festival, Durango is one of the country’s most important cultural spectacles and offers an enormous range of events on holidays to Mexico including dance performances, expositions, literary and poetic events, story telling and more artistic expression.

Nov 2nd – Day of the Dead is widely celebrated, and nowhere is it as colourful as in Oaxaca, where you’ll find all sorts of skeletal imagery and markets abuzz in preparation for the festivities on holidays to Mexico.

Dec 1-15th - Chiapas Fair, Tuxtla Gutierrez includes absorbing bullfights, motocross, sporting and cultural events, horseracing and crafts.

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