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Mexico Attractions and Activities

Mexico City is the nation’s capital and is probably the world’s largest metropolis with an estimated 21 million people. A labyrinthine mega city with lots of people and just as many experiences, it offers visitors on Mexico holidays more things to do and places to visit than some of the world’s smaller countries! Well known attractions in Mexico City and nearby are:

Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe – Basilica of Guadalupe is perhaps Mexico’s most visited religious site where an estimated 20 million people come every year to receive the Virgin of Guadalupe’s blessings. The shroud is visible from all parts of the building and people come in large processions to this famous religious icon that is believed to be able to cure all maladies.

Casa de Los Azulejos – Built for the count of the Orizaba, it’s one of the city’s finest examples of colonial age architecture that was expertly constructed by tile craftsmen brought in from Saudi Arabia over 400 yrs ago and is a popular destination on Mexico holidays.

National Museum of Anthropology – With rarities that include the Aztec Calendar, and with rooms devoted to Oaxaca and Mayan artefacts as well as a rare opportunity to view recreated archaeological scenes that showcase pieces as they were originally discovered, the museum is one of the most informative places you’ll ever come across on Mexico holidays.

Pyramid of the Sun – Located in the monumental archaeological site of Teotihuacan it’s a mysterious place with amazing views from the top that offer profound contrasts to the modern city. The whole complex is an incredible place to visit on Mexico holidays.

Templo Mayor and Museo del Templo Mayor – The ruins that once constituted the main Temple of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital offer visitors on a holiday to Mexico a mystical and sacred window into what must have been a glorious civilisation.

Museo de Arte Moderno – This museum houses works by the most renowned names of Mexican modern art. Artists featured include: Rivera, Orozco, Siqueiros, Cuevas, Cora and Toledo. The museum gardens also exhibit impressive public sculptures.

Other famous places on Mexico holidays

Cancún – Mexico’s most popular tourist attraction has plenty of gorgeous beaches and watersports, in addition to Eco-parks, Jungle tours, Nature Reserves and Mayan ruins. It is home to several fantastic resorts and enjoys perfect beach weather year round that makes it Mexico’s most crowded destination with ever increasing numbers of people on Mexico holidays.

Cabo San Lucas is another of Mexico’s popular tourist places and is located on Baja California Peninsula’s southern tip. Its several attractions for visitors on Mexico holidays include fine beaches such as Playa El Médano and Playa Solmar.

Whale watching tours – From November to March, Cabo San Lucas becomes a naturalist’s paradise when Humpback, grey and blue whales can be viewed at close quarters. Tourists on Mexico holidays hire boats for enchanting encounters with these majestic creatures.

Cactimundo Botanical Garden – One of the world’s most comprehensive collections of thorny flora, with 12,000 plants found in the region from Patagonia to Montana. It’s an interesting place to visit on holidays to Mexico.

Tijuana – This “Gateway to Mexico” is perhaps the world’s most visited border town and is famous among tourists on holidays to Mexico for its dance and drink as well as close proximity to San Diego, California. Its Wax Museum and Grey Hound race are also quite popular.

Acapulco – The resort city of Acapulco is also a major seaport and a favourite destination for lots of tourists looking for romantic Mexico holidays. It also offers adventurous tourists exciting paragliding and bungee jumping opportunities and enjoys a cost advantage over Cancún.

Isla Roqueta Zoo – Roqueta Isle has the world’s only island zoo with giraffes, elephants and monkeys as well as several kinds of snakes. Glass bottomed boats are also popular with people on holidays to Mexico.

Tres Palos Lagoon - 20 miles from downtown Acapulco, this fantastic place is great to witness some of the immense variety of Mexico’s wildlife. You’ll find several species of beautiful tropical birds and more superb flora and fauna in this pristine freshwater lagoon on holidays to Mexico.

Guadalajara – Mexico’s second largest city has an independent character with a somewhat European flair. Its residents, “the Tapatíos” have over the years created a stately city with manicured parks and broad avenues that make it a great place to visit on holidays to Mexico.

Church of Santa Mónica – Built in the 17th century, it has an imposing Baroque façade and is ornately decorated.

Landmarks in Mexico

Fort of Saint Diego & Museum: Built in 1616 to counter the threat from pirates at Acapulco port, it has a superb collection of articles from Europe and Asia.

Orozco’s Frescos: José Orozco is said to have painted his finest frescos in a former chapel in Guadalajara that depict the four elements – The four riders of the apocalypse, the Conquest, Art and Science. The building and frescos became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and are worthy of a visit on holidays to Mexico.

Paseo de la Reforma: Reform Promenade was built during the 2nd Mexican Empire and commemorates important liberal reforms made by Benito Juárez during his several terms as President in the 19th century. Twelve km long, the Paseo is probably the most frequented landmark on Mexico holidays.

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