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Mexico Holidays

Mexico is a tourist’s delight and a country that most people plan to visit some time or the other. From Luxury package holidays to shoe string backpacking - Mexico is one place where travellers of every budget find their own haven.

Located to the south of Unites States, Mexico is a federation of 31 states with their own constitutions and Judiciary. It shares a border over 3,000 km long with the U.S. and is a country with many mountain ranges, valleys, busy cites and fine climate that people on holidays to Mexico find very enticing. It has a rich cultural history and was home to some of the greatest civilisations the world has ever known. The country also has about 10% of the entire world’s biodiversity and its native crops include: chocolate, maize, avocado, vanilla, guava, beans and several varieties of chillies. Fast developing into one of the world’s major economies, the country is well equipped to achieve a place of eminence in the 21st century. Tourists on holidays to Mexico often come back again as the country has much to offer. Being surrounded by sea in many directions, Mexico has good sea links with popular holiday destinations like Amsterdam, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Costa Rica and South Africa and therefore makes for a great Cruise stop-over.

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