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Merville Beach Hotel Holidays

Mauritius can be an ideal place to visit, for holiday makers of all age. Mauritius holidays are typically characterised by idling at the beach or indulging in the many water sports that the island has to offer. There are plenty of places to visit and one could even go island hopping to some of the secluded, private islands nearby. There are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from and Merville Beach Resort is one such destination. The resort is located in the North West corner of the island.

Known for its beautiful sprawling structure and the proximity to both the capital city of Port Louis and the idyllic village of Grand Baie, the Merville Beach Hotel is ideal for cheap Mauritius holidays. The hotel has a range of accommodations and facilities which fit all budgets. The hotel also has its own private beaches and several restaurants which serve both local and international cuisines. The location of the hotel is considered its most favourable characteristic. The private beach of the Merville Beach hotel is situated in a secluded part of the bay and therefore only hotel guests have access to it. This makes for an excellent beach experience for holiday makers and guests alike.

Facilities at the Merville Beach Hotel

The hotel has several amenities for its guests. There is a large swimming pool along with a sun deck for those who want to soak up the sun. there is an exclusive game room which offers guests games such as table tennis and pool. There is a small children’s play center where guests can drop off their little ones while they are off to the beach or the other facilities at the hotel, enjoying their holidays in Mauritius. There is also a video room where different movies and videos can be screened. For the bookworms, the Merville Beach hotel has an in-house library, with a large collection of books.

Along with these facilities, the Merville Beach Hotel also offers sega shows and other nightly entertainment. There is a resident band which provides live music to the guests every night. In addition to this, there are fashion shows and cabarets on weekends.

There are plenty of watersports available at the hotel. These sports are free of charge for the guests and are included in an all inclusive Mauritius holidays package. The local casino is a ten minutes drive from the hotel and the hotel can arrange for transportation. The hotel also arranges for helicopter pick ups from the international airport.

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