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Maxwell Holidays

Maxwell is on the south coast of Barbados, to the east of the Island’s famous neighbourhood, St. Lawrence Gap. Maxwell abroad holidays present a peaceful resort landscape with calm sandy beaches and lush greenery. St. Lawrence Gap, known for its vibrant atmosphere, is just 2 kilometres away. A number of lovely hotels and apartments lining the Beach offer a great choice of accommodation for the discerning tourist. Maxwell abroad holidays are also a great opportunity to experience Caribbean sunshine. For those looking to some fun and calm together, Maxwell abroad holidays will be a great experience.

Maxwell abroad holidays are well-known for their unanimous appeal. Honeymooners, families, and senior holidaymakers find Maxwell abroad holidays equally fulfilling. While Maxwell’s calm seashore induces tranquillity, the rush and excitement of the nearby St. Lawrence Gap is invigorating. And with the attractions and activities at the disposal of tourists, Maxwell abroad holidays are never dull. You can plan your Maxwell abroad holidays cheap with fabulous holiday deals available on ZIP Holidays.

General Etiquette in Maxwell

Locals, known as ‘Bajans’, should be addressed by their surnames. Formal handshake is the usual greeting between adults. Hugs and kisses are allowed only between relatives and friends. Good dressing manners are important. Going nude or topless at beaches is against Law. Good tipping is always welcome. 10-15% service charge is common in hotels here.

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