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Mauritius Weather

Mauritius has a tropical climate and is influenced by southeast trade winds. Travellers planning holidays to Mauritius from November to May would experience hot, wet, and humid summer (average temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius) while those planning holidays in Mauritius between May and November would face a warm, dry winter (average temperatures recorded around 21 degrees Celsius). There is likelihood of cyclones from January to April, so try avoiding these months.

Recommended time for Mauritius holidays is during the winter (July to September), when the temperature is cooler and on most days holiday makers would not need an air-conditioner. Rainfall is rare and is unlikely to spoil the settings for wonderful holidays in Mauritius. The sun is bright and shiny during day-time for water sports or getting a tan.

Surprisingly, there is a low number of tourists in the winter even though it is the off-peak period in hotels. Thus, it is advisable to arrange your Mauritius holidays at this period of the year. Historical monuments have fewer crowds and hence, local shops offer better bargains to any vacationers out there on their holidays to Mauritius. Moreover, travellers don’t have to worry about cyclones ruining their dream Mauritius holidays so plan between July and September for the best weather and cost effective holidays.

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