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Mauritius UK residents

Mauritius holidays are always enhanced by the friendly Mauritian service and considering the fact that salaries are generally low in Mauritius, extra tips are appreciated to a great extent. Guests are advised to tip at end of their hotel stay or restaurant visit. At restaurants, a 10-15% gratuity is ideal.

Proper greeting is always handy while travelling to Mauritius so travellers need to practice their Bonjour's and Bonsoir's for use at shops, restaurants or even with locals. Departing from public places, guests might get a "Bonne journee" (Have a good day!) to which they can reply similarly or with an "Aussi a vous" (Same to you). Casual shirts with long trousers are the norm while visiting a temple, church or even a restaurant. Shorts are best restricted to beaches on your holidays to Mauritius.

Mauritius uses Type G and Type C plugs, as used in the UK, on 50Hz, 230 volts.

If needed, travellers can contact the British High Commission at:
Les Cascades Building, Edith Cavell Street, Port Louis, PO Box 1063. They can also phone the High Commission, if required during their Mauritius holidays, on (230) 202 9400.

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