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Marrakech Holidays

Marrakech, in Berber dialect means the Land of God. Marrakech’s history dates back to the 11th century and is popular for its seven saint’s institution. Holidays in Marrakech will leave tourists spellbound with belly dancing, rich culture and art. Murakush or Marrakech was the former imperial city in Morocco and is also known as the Red City. Situated at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech holidays in a modern and fortified town provide visitor a taste of the past and the present. The old city is called the Medina and the modern is called Gueliz. With the biggest souk in Morocco, holidays to Marrakech unveils one of the world’s most fascinating cities with acrobats, water sellers, story tellers, dancers, and magicians, just like a beautiful Arabic film or a fairy tale. There is no better place in Morocco than Marrakech to study and observe ancient Morocco with medina’s intricate streets and alleyways.

Sorcerers, fire-eaters, snake charmers, musicians; all make Marrakech holidays full of magical charm. The universally known Djemaa el Fna the central square in Marrakech is the place to be in for feeling a part of the fairy tale it weaves during holidays to Marrakech. With earthly red clay houses and walls, Marrakech is also fondly called the Red City. The millennium old mosques stand handsomely, the synagogues, the royal palace of Marrakech are wonders of the world. Tourists on Marrakech holidays will be mesmerised at the balance city maintains between old and regal architecture and modern, contemporary buildings. The Ben Youssuf Mosque should certainly be paid a visit during holidays in Marrakech to see the influences from Moorish Spain decorated with stucco and cedar wood. The Kouba is yet another piece of architecture that dates back to 11th century belonging to Almoravides Dynasty.

General Etiquette in Marrakech

During holidays in Marrakech, tipping is not obligatory. However, the people are so helpful that you would like to oblige them with a tip. You can leave up to 10% tip at cafes, hotels or with taxis. Also do dress appropriately during Marrakech holidays, as the city has mosques that you would like to visit.

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