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Maritim Hotel Holidays

For those looking for Mauritius holidays, Maritim Hotel offers a never before experienced luxury. Mauritius is an ideal holiday destination with its beautiful sandy beaches and the fascinating landscapes. Holidays in Mauritius means visiting beautiful beaches and romantic coves. Here lies the Maritime Hotel where you have the luxury holidays that you have always desired. The Maritime Hotel has recently finished all its renovations to come out dazzling, imploring holiday makers from all over the world to get a taste of one of the finest island countries in the Indian Ocean.

At Maritime Hotel, you can get package holidays which appeal to the most discerning holiday makers. The rooms and suites are both elegant and luxurious and the hotel offers different restaurants, one of which is actually constructed inside a Balaclava ruin. From those who are looking for cheap holidays, to those looking for luxury holidays, Maritim Hotel has something for everyone. All the amenities at the hotel are backed by the world renowned excellence in service and a most pleasing staff, waiting tirelessly on the guests. The Mauritius holidays experience can only be enhanced by a stay at the Maritim Hotel. Apart from the beaches and the coves, there are a variety of facilities at the hotel itself where you can indulge in, therefore making your Mauritius holidays complete.

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