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Marina Resort Holidays

The Marina Resort and Club is one of the most popular destinations to be considered while planning Mauritius holiday packages. Ideally suited for fun loving travellers on the move, Marina Resort is famous for providing excellent all inclusive Mauritius holidays, which are superbly cost effective. Nestled comfortably on one of the most exquisite shores of Mauritius, surrounded by a lovely tropical garden; Marina proves to be an ideal locale for enjoying Mauritius beach holidays. The vibrant club culture makes it a suitable option for young families who come here to savour the adventures of Mauritius holidays. Superb accessibility makes it a popular choice with professional travel portals like Zip Holidays who include it as a prominent feature in their Mauritius holiday packages.

The Marina Resort is located in the North at Anse La Raie and proves to be an ideal destination for diverse Mauritius holidays. A 3 star property providing access to as many as 3 sparkling sandy beaches and a startling blue lagoon, The Marina resort fares in almost all Mauritius package holidays. Offering as many as 122 fully air conditioned comfortable rooms, the Marina Resort provides for a stay which is charming and intimate, making it an ideal venue for enjoying Mauritius honeymoon holidays as well. Apart from world class infrastructural facilities, the Marina Resort also offers a host of interesting adventure sports and activities, living up to the expectations of tourists who are keen on Mauritius adventure holidays. In a nutshell, the Marina Resort proves to be a highpoint of Mauritius holidays both for budget as well as luxury packages.

General Etiquette

Online travel portals like Zip Holidays will get you acquainted with the general etiquettes of the place for enjoying hassle free Mauritius holidays. Tips are very much welcomed and must be included in your extra costs while planning cheap Mauritius holidays. Maids, drivers and other staff members try hard to impress you for a tip and a generous one ensures better services. Mauritian citizens are generally polite and exchange cordial greetings when they meet. It is a norm to greet people with a "Bonjour”, accompanied with a smile and see them off with an equally polite "Bonne journee", which means “Have a Good Day”.

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