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Marco Island Holidays

United States of America has always been known as a country with amazing night life, fast paced living and lots of gambling. However, there is one place in America which is fast changing the notion. The place is called Marco Island. Marco Island is located on the gulf Coast in Florida. It is the largest island among the cluster of 10,000 islands in Florida. It is not just a haven for families. It is a holiday destination for couples, children, elderly and practically anybody who is looking to have a good time. Marco Island is conveniently placed to experience the Florida Everglades, which is a major tourist attraction of America.

Marco Island was once a sleepy old town of America known only to a handful of locals. But the beautiful white sand beaches of the region couldn’t keep their magnetism at bay for long. Today, Marco Island is fast turning into a city of skyscrapers. But despite the cluttered skyline, Marco Island has plenty of natural surroundings and beauty for the nature lover. It is especially known among avid bird watchers because of the presence of over 200 species of birds. The Tigertail Beach of Marco Island is once in a lifetime experience.

General Etiquette in Marco Island
The tipping tradition follows the general norm in Marco Island. A 15% tip at restaurants and a 5% tip for the taxi driver is a polite gesture. Tipping is not necessary at pubs and bars unless served by a hostess.

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