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Manavgat Holidays

Manavgat is a part of the Antalya Province in Turkey. The main attraction of Manavgat holidays is the beautiful waterfall along with its verdant surroundings.

Situated about 72 km from the Antalya city, Manavgat is surrounded by the forested Taurus Mountains, sandy Mediterranean beaches and vast plains. With such variety in terms of geography, Manavgat has a plethora of flora and fauna on offer. Moreover, nature walks in Manavgat are quite interesting as one gets to experience a range of natural landscapes and habitats. Apart from the booming tourism industry, Manavgat has sprawling farmlands as its economic backbone. Manavgat holidays are perfect for couples and families alike.

The city centre in Manavgat is about 4 km from the Mediterranean beach. The local time in Manavgat is about 2 hours ahead of the GMT. The local language is Turkish but most people can also understand and converse in English.

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