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Malta Holidays

Set in the middle of blue Mediterranean Waters, Malta is the most important of the three islands that constitute tiny Malta country. Located in an archipelago south of the Island of Sicily, the positively mythic Malta boasts megaliths, medieval dungeons, and Calypso's Cave. Malta has been an important strategic base since the earliest days of navigation and served as a flourishing base for many cultures. The earliest human civilization in Malta dates back to the third millennium BC, and the fascinating megalithic temples of that era still stand tall in Malta. The Island of Malta was colonized by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, and Normans until it became the base of crusader Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, who built many fortified cities and left cultural symbols. Napoleon’s army made Malta base for Egypt campaign, but Admiral Nelson destroyed French power and captured Malta in 1800. Malta achieved independence in 1964, and joined the EU in May 2004.

Breathtaking Malta

Malta is a popular year-round tourist destination. Many holidaymakers are attracted by wonderful climate, picturesque fishing villages, Stone Age temples, and Renaissance structures in Malta. Its beaches receive brilliant sunshine all year round, and richly diverse culture of Malta has resulted in fascinating marriage of styles and traditions, eclectic culture, enthralling architecture, folklores, and cuisine. Stretching over 316 sq km, Malta boasts an astonishing blend of rich history and pompous present. A stroll round the city will unravel an amazing yet perfect open museum under the beautiful sky. Every structure tourists found is special and worth to be preserved as a monument in museums anywhere in the world. The colorful rocks on the coast provide a perfect setting against the deep blue water, which makes picturesque, enchanting scenery for visitors. Apart from historic attractions in this tiny piece of paradise on earth, one can enjoy an array of activities, including water sports. The St Paul’s bay reminds tourists of the crusades by knights to defend the Christendom whereas the present day jazzy nightlife of Malta entices tourists coming from across the continents to explore the island.  The festivals and famous fireworks, especially during the summertime fiestas, are quite alluring. The narrow meandering streets and towns of Malta boast Renaissance cathedrals and Baroque palaces. The countryside of Malta is dotted with some of the oldest known structures in the world. Tourists coming to Malta are sure to be enthralled once they come face-to-face with world famous Hypogeum, a world heritage site, prehistoric temples, and magnificent palaces.

General Etiquette in Malta

The official languages in Malta are Maltese and English. Though English is widely accepted, locals love their language. Many will take it as an offense if told that the language and dialect are Arabic. Though Malta is safe, yet rising illegal immigration and migrant detention camps are cause of concern and threat to the peace in the island. As Malta is strictly Roman Catholic country, carousing by tourists is not tolerated in many areas, especially near the churches. One cannot visit churches without having dressed properly. People do not prefer to have foreigners as employees.

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