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Malta and Gozo Holidays

Malta and Gozo along with Comino constitute tiny Malta country set in the middle of blue Mediterranean Sea. Located in an archipelago south of the Island of Sicily, the mythic Malta and Gozo islands have megaliths, medieval dungeons, and historic caves. The human civilization in Malta and Gozo began as early as the third millennium BC, and the fascinating megalithic temples in Malta and Gozo bear the testimony of this. Throughout history, Malta and Gozo were colonized by different dominant powers, such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, and Normans. In the 17th century, the crusader Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem made these islands their base and built fortified cities and majestic cultural symbols. The British occupied Malta and Gozo in 1800 and ruled until independence in 1964. Malta and Gozo are well-admired for their 7,000 years of exciting history, fascinating symbols of civilization, and geographical position.

Breathtaking Malta and Gozo

Malta and Gozo are popular tourist destinations throughout the year. Tourists are attracted by charming climate, picturesque fishing villages, wonderful Stone Age temples, and Renaissance building of Malta and Gozo. Perfect beaches, diverse culture, marriage of styles and traditions, eclectic food, and interesting architecture have made Malta and Gozo world famous. Malta and Gozo boast an amazing blend of rich history and pompous present. A walk around Malta and Gozo will bring face to face with many amazing monuments that are envy of every museum in the world. The colorful rugged coast and deep blue water, makes enchanting scenery for visitors coming to Malta and Gozo. Apart from historic attractions in Malta and Gozo, one can enjoy an array of activities, including water sports.  The festivals and famous fireworks in Malta and Gozo, especially the summer festivals, are quite enthralling. The narrow streets and small medieval towns in Malta and Gozo boast Renaissance cathedrals, Baroque palaces, and museums of archaeological importance. The countryside of Malta and Gozo has many of the oldest known man-made structures in the world. While Malta is full of magnificent structures, Gozo’s diverse landscape has rugged cliffs, hills, and valleys as tourist attractions. Malta and Gozo have many fantastic spots for those looking for pleasant holiday with scope for water sports, natural heritage, and fascinating cultural and historical sites.

General Etiquette in Malta and Gozo

Maltese and English are the official languages in Malta and Gozo. Locals love their language to such an extent that if anyone tells that their language and dialect are Arabic, they become angry. As Roman Catholic religion dominates Malta and Gozo, drunken behavior by tourists is not tolerated, especially near the churches. To visit churches, one needs to be dressed properly. People do not like to have foreign employees.

Malta and Gozo Destinations

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