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Malindi Holidays

Malindi is the capital of Malindi district and is located 120 kilometres northeast of Mombasa. It is a distinguished historic city which has traces from all the ages that had settled and prospered there. Tourists on holidays to Malindi would be overwhelmed with its history and can explore the remnants of early Arab and Chinese traders, Portuguese sailors and European settlers. The magical touch of these investors transformed the town of Malindi into a popular tourist destination among holiday makers.

Malindi is the second largest coastal town of Kenya. The beaches, here, are crowded with hawkers, beach boys and girls. The city is famous for its culinary delights with its long chain of hotels, restaurants, coffeehouses and eating places which offer not only local flavours but international cuisines as well. The local wood artefacts along with the revival of architectural industry have proved to be a major attraction among tourists on holidays to Kenya. The seaside resort provides plenty of space for swimming in warm waters and tourists can also indulge in deep sea fishing, sunbathing or they can visit the marine park.

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