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Majorda Holidays

Majorda holidays promise a seemingly limitless span of marvellous beaches to lounge, swim, surf and so on. Food, in Majorda holidays, be it local or international, is going to be a magical experience in itself. Majorda holidays are going to be really exciting with water sports and great excursion packages.

Majorda holidays consist of a long coastline of 26 kilometres with many alluring beaches. Watching sunsets from any spot is pleasantly rewarding when one is on Majorda holidays. Be it sunbathing on the clear sand and bright sun, swimming in the clear shallow waters or chilling at one of the open bars, Majorda holidays are going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure.

Majorda holidays have so many beach spots that everyday you can get a totally new beach feeling no matter how long your stay is. Whenever you feel too taken by the beautiful palm tree armies, you can take a day off for excursions, or overnight stay in the city of Panaji. The Betalbatim beach nearby is a quieter beachfront if one wants to get away from the crowd. Although, whatever the number of guests be, even in the New Year season, the big beach of Majorda holidays is capable of accommodating them all. And whenever days get too lazy because of relaxing lounge facilities, try your hands on swimming, surfing or any of the exciting sport options. Majorda holidays bring you all kinds of enjoyment in one package. Majorda holidays are never going to be boring; whether you’re alone, with family or in a group of friends.

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