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Mainland Greece Holidays

What is it that one thinks of when a Greece holiday is mentioned? As you travel Greece; Athens, the cradle of democracy; Delphi and the Olympic sites come to mind, right? You are both right and wrong! Right, because these are the most visible symbols on your Greek holidays of this nation, one of the oldest on earth. Wrong, because there is more when you travel Greece than just these sites. Welcome to Mainland Greece, your gateway to Greek holidays and the rest of the peninsula! While the sites mentioned above are placed well within Greece and have remained in this ancient country for millennia and make great Greek holidays; there is a vast geographical stretch that runs from the centre of Greece to many neighbouring countries. It is this alluring area that is referred to as Mainland Greece. So, get set for real excitement and tie your laces to look ahead to lots more than just a Greece holiday!

When you travel Greece, you will discover that Mainland Greece is a vast stretch of geographical expanse. It is easy to understand this location. Mainland Greece is the name given to the part that starts at the most southern part of the Balkan Peninsula.  Your Greece holiday could ideally begin with the region covering roughly the area running from central Balkans to the southernmost tip of Greece and collectively known as Mainland Greece. Travel Greece, and you will see that its north consists of the history-soaked Macedonia and Thrace. These are not part of present-day Greece, but are parts of what has come to be called Mainland Greece. As you run down this area, your Greek holidays will take you to Greece proper (present-day, modern Greece that is), into the regions that consist of Thessaly; Epirus; Achaea; Boeotia and Attica. This ends up in the adjunct peninsula of Peloponnese. The last of these territories on your Greece holiday consists of such historically acclaimed sites as Olympia; Epidaurus; Sparta and Corinth to name just a few. In other words, Mainland Greece is a combination of Greece and other countries and is a geographical area that straddles a few countries in the region.

This region, your ideal Greece holiday spot, is a treasure-house of places that offer rare insights into the ancient world. Greek holidays will cover the area that has over the centuries, evolved and changed so much that many parts of it have undergone political transformations to make them parts of different countries at different points of time in history. When you travel Greece, the historical diversity of this region can be better understood when one considers the fact that the same parts of this region belonged to different nations at different times. The best example of this fact that comes to mind is Macedonia. The great Greek conqueror, Alexander the Great was the prince of Macedonia, according to what we have studied in history textbooks. However, Greek holidays will show you that Macedonia is hardly a part of present day Greece, and is tucked somewhere in the neighbourhood! Today, Mainland Greece can be classified as consisting of what are politically bunched together as the Balkan countries –Greece; Albania; Macedonia; Serbia; Kosovo and Bulgaria. Mainland Greece is thus a classic example of historical and geographical overlapping. This characteristic, inseparable from the ethos of the region, has given rise to the phrase, “Balkanisation”, something that is associated with jingoism, conflicting claims and historical assertiveness. When you travel Greece, this is just the vista that opens up before you.

General Etiquette in Mainland Greece

As with travel in any other part of the world, there are a few manners and rules concerning etiquette in Mainland Greece as well on your Greece holiday. The hitch though, is that when you travel to Greece cheap or check in at luxury hotels, the place you are looking at is not confined to one state or nation. Mainland Greece is spread over a handful of countries. As we have seen, this offers the advantage on your Greece holiday of variety and fun as well as a bit of seclusion, but it also brings in a small handicap in the form of local customs. You are likely to encounter tipping practices that vary from one place to another, whether it is Greece cheap or expensive that your travel is. The tipping custom in Greece is a little different from that in the rest of the region. When travelling on Greek holidays in Mainland Greece, you would have to keep local requirements in mind. There are some general tipping and etiquettes though. For instance, across the region, especially when you travel Greece, it is common to offer tips of 10 to 15 percent, although this is optional in most cases. Since waiters and waitresses are generally not from very affluent backgrounds, tips that are over this accepted average are more than welcome when you travel Greece. For instance, a tip of 11.50 euro, when it is rounded off to 12 euro, is gladly accepted. The service is bound to be more cordial proportionate to the amount of tips offered. In most hotels in the region, the service tax as applicable locally comes included in the bill. This can be borne in mind when you plan to travel to Greece cheap.

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