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Mahdia Holidays

Mahdia is a lazy but beautiful city in Tunisia and is well known for its architectural beauty. The doors of the houses here are especially noticeable. Mahdia is right next to the sea which makes it ideal for a beach vacation as well. Many tourists visit the city every year to enjoy the Mediterranean sun and to break away from their routine life. Mahdia offers them the perfect respite and make sure that they have a relaxed and fun filled vacation here. Fish processing and weaving industry are dominant in this city of Tunisia and provides livelihood to the residents here. The rich history offers a lot to be learnt and interests many of the tourists.

Mahdia is one of the historical cities in Tunisia which has been invaded time and again. The Mahdia’s old town allows the travellers to see the historical forts and see the restored areas that give them a glimpse of the past. After the invasion by the Spanish in 16th century, Mahida became a fishing port and is now a travel destination as well. The beaches next to the city are virgin and serene and are slowly gaining popularity.

General Etiquette in Mahdia

When at Mahida or other parts of Tunisia, make sure you tip the service providers. Tipping the hotel staff or the staff at the restaurants you dine at enables you to enjoy better services. The tips are quite useful for the staff also and provide them with some extra income.

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