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Madeira Holidays

Popularly known as the pearl of the Atlantic, Madeira is a picturesque floating garden, lying in the Atlantic Ocean. Covering 741 sq kms in area, the natural paradise of Madeira lies seemingly stranded on the vast Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to the volcanic ashes and lava, Madeira enjoys a rich soil and a stunning landscape, boasting splendid mountain ranges, craggy volcanic caves, splendid botanic gardens, beautiful marine species, and an array of flourishing tropical vegetation.

Picturesque Madeira

Popularly known as the floating garden in the Atlantic, the picturesque island of Madeira is a favorite with nature lovers, particularly walkers, hikers, and botanists. Madeira boasts of being Europe’s oldest tourist destination. Prolific in natural beauty, Madeira has been recognized as a holiday island for more than 100 years. Thousands of tourists flock to the natural paradise to explore its natural beauty and rich history. Boasting a fantastic subtropical climate and spectacular scenery, Madeira comprises two big Islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, apart from several smaller islands, which together form Madeira Archipelago. About 20 percent of Madeira is dominated by laurel forest, which has survived even the ice age, thanks to its favorable climate. Tourists love to go for excursions in the forests. Its irregular coastline and steep slope give it the image of the top of a volcano, making it one of the favorite holiday destinations.

Madeira General Etiquette

In Madeira, though Portuguese is the official language, English is commonly spoken by the business class. It is considered civilized to shake hands to greet others and introduce oneself. One should practice discretion when addressing somebody by his Christian name. It is courteous to address somebody in this manner if you yourself have been addressed that way. Shake hands when leaving. Though Madeirans are quite friendly people, they may be reserved when it comes to dealing with strangers. Though service charges are included in the bills in most of the hotels in Maderia, tipping is a common practice. Taxi drivers are tipped about 10% of the fare. Casual clothes are acceptable, without restriction on any particular attire. Though smoking is not prohibited, it is better to smoke when you find others around you doing so. As the majority of the local population is Roman Catholic, covering up legs and arms when entering a church or during religious feast days is a common practice.  

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