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Our luxury holidays have all that your heart desires. In fact we have compiled a list of most popular destinations of different regions to further assist you with what to pick.
So get set to pick the luxury holidays of your choice and pamper yourselves to the all inclusive luxuries on offer.


Europe is one of the most preferred luxury holidays destination with its rich historical wealth, architectural splendour, varied topography, great climate, friendly people, beautiful sights and other captivating diversities from one region to another.

Depending on your preference and liking, you can visit the beautiful Cyprus for its rich history and beaches or the beautiful Paris. With Europe options are limitless and gorgeous, a primary reason for being the most preferred destination for Luxury holidays.

If Europe is what entices you for a luxury holiday below are the most preferred countries and regions of Europe one can visit during luxury holidays.


A scenic insular nation with an interesting history and secluded beaches. It's the mythical birthplace of Adonis, Aphrodite and other Roman Gods. The island is supposed to exhibit the earliest signs of hunter-gatherers. It also was a major bone of contention between the Greeks and Romans over its possession in the bygone era.

When on luxury holidays to this island don't forget to visit Paphos Harbour & castle and Courion castle. Cyprus would have enough sites to get enthralled by during your luxury holidays.

Czech Republic

With its colourful roman architecture and rich history, Czech Republic offers amazing sites and historical heritage to the vacationers on their luxury holidays. Prague, the capital and the largest Czech city is a major attraction and has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

People on their luxury holidays should not forget to visit the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas Square.

Denmark and Sweden

One of the most preferred destination for Luxury holidays, Denmark with all its castles and forts, is a beautiful place with all its cultural events continuing to date. Follwed closely by Sweden, a country that consists of beautiful holiday spots like Stockholm and Gothenburg (or Gotenburg)

Luxury holidays to Denmark will be best enjoyed in July to August and don't forget to visit Copenhagen, the capital city with beautiful country side and atmosphere studded with Church Steeples.


The largest country of the European Union is the most visited country in the world for holidays. Famous for its culture, food, fashion and lavish lifestyle, France lures people from all over for a great luxury holiday. France will spoil you for choice with a galore of attractions and places to visit during your luxury holidays.

There will the romantic Paris with its Eiffel Tower, Casinos and glamour of Monte Carlo, traditional Marseille, Bordeaux with wine and historical places .In all, French holidays is replete with umpteen places for you to visit and explore during luxury holidays.


The cradle of western civilisation, Greece with its pristine beaches, temples and other historical wealth leaves tourists asking for more. With a throng of islands and enchanting seclusion, your luxury holidays will be further accentuated by the amount of privacy Greek luxury holidays offer.

Athens, Meteora's monasteries, Delphi's archaeological wealth, or the pleasant Monemvasia offer awesome site seeing for people on Luxury holidays.


The country of exquisite antiquities, splendid piazzas and a tremendous history, Italy offers spectacular sight seeing with a classic atmosphere. Luxury holidays to Italy are one of the most highly rated holidays with Italy's wealth of architecture and a beautiful scene at every turn of the road.

Colloseum of Rome, Venice's architecture, Florence's art and culture and the ostentatious Milan with its cathedral are must places to visit while on luxury holidays to Italy.


This Portuguese archipelago offers some of the most exciting landscape in whole of Europe. With its pleasant weather all year around, it's a gorgeous luxury holidays location.

Porto Santo's long beach, Funchal's wine lodge and Laurel Forest, Workers' market are few of the many ‘must visit' places during luxury holidays to Mandeira.


The Island with a plethora of attractions and places to visit radiates captivating energy with its splendid beauty and the contrast that emerges from the azure of the sea and honey coloured limestone under the bright umbrella of blue sky.

Being famous for its World Heritage Sites, Megalithic temples of Valletta are ‘a must visit' sites. The Silent City: Mdina besides ‘The Three Cities' are other attractions.


A modern country from its very foundation, land of many national parks, Netherland, often confused with ‘Holland', which is an area of this country, rules high in the list of luxury holidays destinations. It's also famous for its artworks, literature and pottery.

The place is often associated with Windmills, Tulips, Wooden shoes and cheese. The scenic canals of Amsterdam, Delft for its pottery, Open Air Museum of Arnhem, architectural wealth of Haarlem are places to visit during luxury holidays.


This country is vastly assumed to be the land of sun drenched beaches where as there is a lot more to explore here during your luxury holidays. It's a treasure house of natural wonders with mesmerising landscape.

The great diversity of Portugal holiday attractions make it grand place for luxury holidays. Pomp of Sintra, walled city of Obidos, Lisbon and the exquisite borderlands of Alentejo, Paderno Castle of Albufeira are few of the places to visit during luxury holidays.


Place of castles, shimmering beaches, lush forests in vicinity of medieval towns, Spain is the land of infinite fun and frolic. In fact with all the diversity, the spirit of merriment binds the nation together.

Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Estepona Cordoba, Granada and Costa del Sol are the most popular places to visit during your luxury holidays.


The land of mp3, printing press, automobiles and many historical eminent personalities, some who forged the very destiny of human kind, demands attention of luxury holiday vacationers due to its sprawling wealth and architecture.

From the museums and historical monuments of Berlin to the zoos of Frankfurt, Germany is great destination of great activities as well.


The azure waters, lush vegetation, polychromatic architecture, infectious vibrancy, abundance of exotic locations and water activities, Caribbean has been the playground of the rich and the adventurous. The land has all that one would ask for. Its exotic local cuisines are a treat to revel in, the Caribbean music can make anyone lose himself in the moment, the scenic restaurants and luxurious hotels leave no stone unturned in offering the best in luxury holidays.

Luxury holidays in Caribbean are a dream come true with all its diversity in topography, tropical forests, interesting wildlife and hypnotic sea rhythm. Luxury holidays are also a great way of coming face to face with the rich history of this region. These luxury holidays will showcase the perfect fusion of past and present with its colonial architecture and aristocratic settings. Caribbean exhibits a milieu of resorts and hotels all packed with comforting luxuries, perfect for families or couples.

The perfect climate to travel for luxury holidays make it the party home of the vacationers with its thumping nightlife and party culture running from dawn to dusk. Luxury holidays will turn even more fun in this region with all its traditional music and carnivals. Do not forget to witness the carnivals if you are in Caribbean at that time.

With its wide variety of vacations, Luxury holidays in Caribbean will offer something for everyone.

The places in Caribbean region one can visit while on luxury holidays are:


A perfect destination for serenity during your luxury holidays.Anguilla is famous for its villas and resorts.


Nestled between three volcanoes, Antigua is famous for its beaches and is a fabulous leeward getaway. A great island


It's the dream destination for birdwatchers or people looking for some respite from the hustle bustle of their luxury holidays.


Slightly isolated from the rest of the Caribbean, Barbados is a great confluence of history, culture and natural attractions. Good for scuba diving and snorkelling during luxury holidays.


An ideal place for luxury holidays with its palm fringed beaches and stunning blue waters. It's a great place to try cigars and salsa during your luxury cuba holidays.


Famous for its three Rs: Rastafarianism, Reggae and Rum. A great luxury holiday destination.

St Lucia

A great place where seclusion exists amidst hyper activity. There is a place for everyone looking for seclusion or water sports. Another great destination of Caribbean for luxury holidays.

The Bahamas

In close vicinity of Florida, Bahamas is a huge archipelago with pristine beaches and plethora of water activities.

Trinidad & Tobago

Famous for its sun kissed beaches and party atmosphere, T&T is a great location for your luxury holiday.

Other popular places one can visit while on Caribbean luxury holidays are:

Turks & Caicos

US Virgin Islands

Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao

St Vincent & the Grenadines


St-Martin/Sint Maarten




Dominican Republic




Puerto Rico


Sint Eustatius

St Kitts & Nevis


British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands

Middle East

The Goblet of religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), Middle East is simply extra-ordinary with all its historical monuments and landmarks. This is the place where many crusades took place and left behind this land as an open air museum. Historical buildings, Sahara desert, mountains of the north and the under water world of red sea leaves ample places to visit during your luxury holidays to Middle East.

The warmness of reception and the bounty of skyscrapers will astonish you with its grandeur. The places exude its wealth through their modern gadgetry and infrastructural development. Safari expeditions are a wonderful way of exploring the zing of Middle East and give your rather cosy luxury holidays an adventurous dimension. Though media has criticised this place a lot, heeding and not visiting will be a mistake that you will not like to commit. Middle East will surprise you with its old age charm, modern facilities and its moderate outlook towards the west.

Though the regions of Middle East are not clear but consensually the region spanning from south western Asia to north eastern Africa is identified as the Middle East. Dubai holidays are most popular amongst Middle East destinations for luxury holidays with Dubai's sophistication and relations with the west.

Middle East has extreme temperatures therefore December is regarded as the best time to visit Middle East for luxury holidays.

While on luxury holidays, one can visit these places:


Bahrain, meaning Kingdom of two seas, with its race course, museums and other attractions is fast increasing in popularity for luxury holidays.


or Persia is the world most mountainous country with many beaches as well. Probably one of the most under-exposed country of the world, Iran is a great place for your luxury holidays.


Recently being in the news for all the wrong reasons, Iraq is the cradle of civilisation. A region under old Mesopotamia, this is the place where agriculture and writing were invented. This is the place for being infront of history during your luxury holidays.

Israel & the Palestinian Territories

A holy land for all the major religions, this is the perfect place to learn about religious history.


More famous for its ancient Nabataean city of Petra, a world heritage site, Jordan has other places like the crusaders castles, powerful biblical sites: where Christ was baptised, and other places which contradict sharply with the slow lifestyle of the historical places.


Described by many as a city state, Kuwait City, is an oasis land in the desert and will surprise you with its sophistication and co-existent tradition on your luxury holidays.


A perfect blend of modern and traditional atmosphere, Lebanon offers a wide range of architectural splendour ranging from ‘Souk' to the temples, Luxury holidays with a generous dip of antiquity is guaranteed.


Land of pristine landscape, Oman remains an under-explored region of the Middle East for luxury holidays. Camping and long drives are the two activities increasing in demand. Muscat's ports, Sharqiya's beraches and other places are top attractions during luxury holidays.


A country that is busy reinventing itself, Qatar will offer the vestiges of the old forts to the all modern sky scrapers and spas.

Saudi Arabia

Probably the most conservative of the whole Middle East, gold markets here are a popular attractions during luxury holidays.


Another Middle Eastern country with modernisation as a top agenda, Syria is a place of warm hospitality and liberal people. In fact the old cities of Damascus, Aleppo and Bosra are the ideal places to be during luxury holidays.

United Arab Emirates

The place will surprise you with its contradictory living style. DJ's stop playing music to listen to ‘Aazaan', and very traditional people co-exist with westernised population. The beaches and some of the most spectacular real estate projects of the world exist here, giving travellers enough choices and space for fun during luxury holidays.


The super power of the world with its variety and liberty will overwhelm you into intoxication. From Rocky Mountains in the middle to the beaches down towards the east, from the desert of the southwest to the snow caps of the north, from the sparsely populated regions of New Mexico to the hyper active New York City, USA is an incredible mix of culture, history and various belief systems.

USA is a country of emigrants of various countries giving this country a great diversity in its orientation and all coming together beyond their differences and dichotomies to live together as one nation. The variety has given way to a very liberal perspective and outlook. Even today the traditionalists stick to their value system and yet keep a close eye on the technological innovations.

Being a huge country with 50 states and a federal district, USA is surrounded by Pacific Ocean and Atlantic on the Western and the Eastern side. With an enormous geography, the temperature is just perfect somewhere and absolutely hostile somewhere else. With all the four climates, USA has many places most apt for all four seasons.

Las Vegas

The sin city with 24*7 hedonism and gambling, Vegas holidays are popular with travellers from all over the world. Luxury holidays can turn lucky at any of the many casinos here.


A great US location with a strong Cuba influence, Miami is a great place to experience the sophistication of the west and the tradition of Mexico and Caribbean. Luxury holidays here will offer you many beaches, contiguous parties and great scene on the whole.


One of the major cities of USA, it houses the famous Walt Disney World Resort. A great city for a fun filled luxury holidays.

New York

The world city of dreams, city that never sleeps, there are many names by which one calls New York. This place has a nice blend of traditions and modern attractions. A great destination for dreams and luxury holidays.

San Francisco

The cultural Mecca of the Left Coast, San Francisco was an epicentre of internet bubble but it burst few years back and now the city looks lot more humble and affectionate. This is a good time for luxury holidays vacationers to visit the city.

Los Angeles

The cradle of innovations and trends, Los Angeles, the second largest city of USA and being the Hollywood centre is also known as the Entertainment capital of the world. It's a great place for a Hollywood style luxury holidays.


Branded as USA's rising culinary star, Chicago offers the very best of gastronomic experience in the whole of USA and has great infrastructural support for accommodation, travelling et al for luxury holidays vacationers here.

New Orleans

The birthplace of Jazz and the ‘most unique' city, the port city is full of options ranging from pulsating nightlife, getaways, flee markets et al. A great city for luxury holidays.


Eponymous with the capital city of USA, Washington is the only US state to be named after a President. With many wildlife sanctuaries and national monuments, Washington city breaks are great for the exploring traveller.

Far East

Mainly encompassing the most famous and economical holiday destinations of the world like Malaysia, Thailand and Bali in Indonesia , Far East offers a great value for money luxury holidays with string of entertainments, exotic foods, great landscapes and heady beaches. Holidays to Thailand can be greatly enhanced if you're willing to spend some extra cash. Thailand, despite offering most luxuries like any other global destination, is relatively cheap and is one of those places where a hundred quid can buy you something 500 will, say in Paris. With flee markets, shopping for electronics, clothes and essences, Far East offers the most idyllic milieu with its gorgeous landscape, hybrid culture, varied social patterns, intoxicating nightlife et al.

Far East will blow you away with its benign people who have come to accept the fact that tourism is their main stay and tourists are their source of income. Therefore crime against the tourists is really low however rare cases can not be ruled out.

Luxury holidays here promise a great stay, soothing spas, great resort views, pristine beaches, a galore of water sports, economical shopping spree, effervescent nightlife and an awesome serenity.


Often called as the golden land, this scenic country has adapted itself with the thronging hustle of tourists and now lives with its traditional Buddhism and practical tourism. Luxury holidays to Thailand could open your eyes to an all together different culture and tolerance level.


With loads of beaches and water sports activities, Malaysia is another Far Eastern destination for luxury holidays available at a very economical rate.


Adventure hovers over this land of spicy Asian food. Bright day light contrast beautifully with the azure beaches rendering it a very pleasant milieu of sanctity and salubriousness. A great luxury holiday destination

Indian Ocean

The azure of the Indian Ocean will mesmerise you to a trance. With pristine beaches, plethora of historical and cultural monuments, long serene stretches of seclusion, Luxury holidays here will surely turn out to be the holidays of your lifetime.

Though the area was in trouble few years back due to the vengeance of Tsunami, life has fully restored itself here with even stronger energy and glory. The region is fast gaining momentum in its popularity as it once had. The blue waters and the bright sky open as welcoming and accommodating as they were.

Luxury holidays here will surely turn out to be an extended fun with the enticing memories living long in you. The beauty and seclusion that the region offers are unmatched and this region is considered to be the most idyllic place for honeymoon couples. Extending your luxury holidays will be a constant impulse on the very first sight of the various gorgeous locations.


Perhaps the best long haul destination for luxury holidays, Maldives has been the best kept secret for a long time now. The place offers the perfect privacy space and ample water sports activities to relish.


Just the name invokes feeling of great luxuries and extravaganza. The busy beach line studded with exotic cuisines never lets you down with the space and the taste. Mauritius holidays are synonymous to luxury holidays.

Sri Lanka

The Emerald Island of the world with all its warm air, the rich green foliage, the multihued Buddhist flags and the kaleidoscope of saris, fishes, spices and beaches makes you hanker for extending your luxury Sri Lanka holidays.


One of the best places for honeymoon, this ecology rich island is a perfect place for bird watchers or aquatic life followers. Seychelles will blow you away with its serenity, beaches and the natural wealth. Luxury Seychelles holidays will sure be a pleasant break on this land.


The land of wild forest and rampant wildlife, Africa is a continent with hold no bars. A haven for wildlife enthusiasts, luxury holidays to Africa can turn into a Safari of lifetime with its many jungles and natural wealth. From the herd of the migratory birds of Savannah to the continents rich Bird life, from the wildlife of the dry Sahara to the aquatic life of Indian Ocean, Africa has something to offer everyone on their luxury holidays to this destination.

Africa has 53 countries including Madagascar and is the only continent with two different temperate zones: North and South. Being close to the Equator it houses perennial rain forests and rivers.

Luxury holidays get a different make over here the moment you step with your snickers on to explore the various natural bounties that Africa has been gifted with. As per a report, Africa doesn't utilise its wealth to an optimum level. Many are of the views that an African Renaissance awaits its turn to turn fortunes for Africa.


Egypt with all its architectural splendour has attracted swarms of tourist from the world over. The temples, pyramids, mosques and other monuments have greatly attributed to the volume of tourism. Nile throws life in this otherwise arid country and irrigates the various adjacent villages. Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh are major attractions for your luxury holidays in Egypt.


The expansive land and the wildlife had always seduced adventurers to Africa. Luxury holidays can be nice complemented with safaris in this beautiful land of Africa. Kenya is a nice place to start your Safaris while on luxury holidays to Africa.

South Africa

This country is a perfect minuscule Africa. With its wildlife sanctuaries and cosmopolitan culture it represents Africa in a complete way. The sprawling townships of remote South Africa will give you the real insight into the world besides the glitz and glamour of the land.

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