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Lumio Holidays

Lumio is a commune of French Haute-Corse department, situated on the Corsica Island. Lumio is a famous holiday destination for the French Football players, journalists, models and artists. Lumio is a picturesque destination located on a sun drenched hillside. Lumio has outstanding views over the bay in the direction of Calvi Citadel. A short drive from the village to its south exist delightful unspoilt silver sand beaches. Lumio has a very dramatic mountain backdrop with a few villas and private homes being located around the hillsides. This serves as a scenic & picturesque accommodation to the holiday makers in Lumio. Those visitors, who have a special interest in arts, would love the place, as it features on “Route des Artisans,” which actually provides a boost to art & culture.

Overwhelming Lumio

The holiday makers get a wonderful opportunity to explore the Haute-Balagne region situated in Northern Corsica. Lumio is situated between the two major towns Calvi & Ile Rousse. Lumio holds a beautiful view across the Bay of Calvi and thereby offer a traditional slice of Corsican life. The beauty of Lumio is suggested to be seen by taking a local train rather than doing it by travelling in a car. The travellers are even recommended to stop off at the little villages on the way and to enjoy the cuisines of various places in the lunch & dinners. Those visitors who prefer to have energetic holidays have plenty of options in Lumio. The various water sports available in Lumio are wind surfing, jet skiing, fishing & also scuba diving. Those, preferring land sports have the options of horse riding, playing tennis & hiking.

Lumio’s General Etiquette

Knowledge of French can come in handy while ordering food and it is a French etiquette to tip after having food for the service rendered. Even in restaurants that take service charges along with the bill, some loose change for person in waiting is a good manner. 

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