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Lucea Holidays

A Jamaican coastal town, Lucea is the capital of Hanover. The fruit produce of Lucea is so abundant that the whole of Jamaica received bananas from there. Lucea is located between the resort cities of Montego Bay and Negril. Lucea’s economy is mainly dependent on agricultural produce such as fruits, pulses, cereals, and root vegetables. Sugar, cocoa, coffee, bananas, and rum make an important aspect of economic profit as these items are exports of Jamaica. The staple food of Lucea is the breadfruit. Therefore visitors seeking to spend holidays in Lucea get the best of Jamaican flavour here. And it is not only the food that pulls you to Lucea holidays but also the attractions and museums here.

Lucea holidays are all inclusive holidays featuring Jamaica beaches, clear waters for swimming and other water sports, beautiful gardens, live shows and casino gambling. Honeymoon holidays in Lucea are also a lover’s paradise with sunset cocktails and beachfront dining. In Lucea cheap holidays can also be organised with budget accommodation in Lucea and last minute offers and luxury holidays in Lucea are a traveller’s delight with first class resorts and spas, scuba diving schools, posh nightclubs, safaris, etc. Lucea holidays also offer tourists a lifetime chance of swimming with the dolphins! Visit Lucea’s churches, museums, parks or sail along the Black River in a boat cruise. Lucea has lots to offer in terms of entertainment and detoxification such as relaxing in a spa or pool at your hotel, shopping for local goods, watching the sun rise and set, indulging in a massage to refresh your senses.

General Etiquette in Lucea

Tipping in Lucea is not a customary etiquette. At places, there are boards of No Tipping, therefore do not tip at such places, otherwise tourists can tip cab drivers and hotel staff who help with the luggage.

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