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Lovran Holidays

Holidays in Lovran, a sea side resort and town along the Rivera about 6kms away from Opatija, offer a new experience. The name Lovran derives its name from the word ‘lovor’ or ‘laurel’, the evergreen bushes, whose freshness gives the place a particular charm. The heart of Lovran still has the medieval characteristics and its stone walls and a 14th Century church are prime attractions for tourists on Lovran holidays.

Lovran holidays provide a lot of enjoyment during the summer. Interesting bars, discos and open air auditoriums offer enchanting fun to enjoy during holidays to Lovran. Tourists on Lovran holidays in January and February can witness its Carnival, full of traditional and international manifestations. Villas and mansions of former Austro-Hungarian aristocrats offer a vivid feeling of medieval charm and tourists can stay there whilst on Lovran holidays.

General Etiquette in Lovran

• At social gatherings, the host introduces guests, generally starting with the women and moving on to men in a rough approximation of age order, oldest to youngest.
• Greetings on initial meetings tend to be formal and reserved.
• If invited to a locals’ house bring flowers for the host. The host may be given a box of chocolates or a good bottle of wine to guests on Lovran holidays.

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