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Losinj Holidays

Losinj is an island situated at the very west of the Gulf of Kvarner. It is one of the smaller islands in the archipelago, divided from the larger, Cres, by a small passage, connected by bridge. Losinj covers an area of about 75 square km. Holidays to Losinj offers a pure haven for beach vacations and complete with beautiful beaches and sunshine.

Visit the beautiful beaches like Suncana, Valdarke and Cikat during your holidays to Losinj. You can also visit the other magnificent beaches on tiny islands like Koludarac and Murtar. It is very easy to spot dolphins whilst on Losinj holidays. The scintillating nightlife in numerous pubs and disco clubs give an unforgettable moments and relaxing vacation during holidays in Losinj.

General Etiquette in Losinj

• Only close friends and family members tend to use first names. Don’t jump to first names without being invited to do so.
• Close friends may greet each other with an embrace and a kiss on each cheek. But wait until the Croatian initiates this form of greeting.

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