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Los Gigantes Holidays

Los Gigantes means ‘The Cliffs of the Giants’ in English. The Los Gigantes resort, located on Tenerife’s western coast, draws its name from the impressive vertical cliffs protruding up to 800m from the Atlantic bed.

The Los Gigantes beach lies at the foot of the steep cliffs. The beach is a sight to behold - a spectacle of black sands flanked by stark, majestic cliffs and bordered by the unending aquamarine sea. If it were not for the busy yacht marina, or the cluster of hotels nestled on the terraced landscape, Los Gigantes beach may well have looked straight off the pages of Gothic fantasy.

Although much of the cliff area is uninhabited, the centrally located town and pedestrian promenade is where you can expect to spend great days comforted by modern amenities. The Los Gigantes beach does not get too crowded, despite the gorgeous weather, and secures many secluded spots for family picnics and couple intimacy.

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