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Llafranc Holidays

Llafranc is more than just sun, sand and surf. It is an ideal resort for tourists who voyage out for a true exploration in summer. Whether it is walking on the beach of Llafranc, enjoying the picturesque view of the bay with hills, dining at the waterfront, or hopping to the adjacent coastal towns; Llafranc is for those who look forward to a relaxing holiday away from the morbid city life.

Tourists can take a leisurely walk either to the lighthouse at Cap Sant Sebastian while witnessing the rocky coastline or to the well-built resort of Calella de Palafrugell and Tamariu. Visitors can also visit the botanical gardens at Cap Roig, the long-established Gothic centre of Gerona and Pals, the medieval town. The resort town is also excellent for boat trips and divers can plunge in the Els Ullastres mountains which are visible even from the glass- bottomed boats.

Llafranc is a coastal town in the Province of Gerona. The town is a part of the coastal region of Costa Brava in north-eastern Catalonia and belongs to the Palafrugell municipality, which also houses Calella de Palafrugell and Tamariu, the two towns adjacent to Llafranc.

Llafranc boasts of pristine beaches and is known to be the opulence of north-eastern Spain. To own a house in the rich town of Llafranc can cost more than 4 million Euros! Due to its rich and plush homes, beautiful promenade, great restaurants, it is also called the ‘Laguna Beach of Spain’. Located 1.5 kilometres from Llafranc is the residence area of El Far, where most of the swish villas take shelter. Llafranc lies in the comarca of Baix Emporda and has a good summer climate annually.

Llafranc follows the tradition of tipping just like any other place that expects customers and visitors to appreciate their service. Over and above the final bill, it is advisable that you tip the cafe or restaurant. Always ask for the bill whether it is in restaurants or taxis. You may also tip your cab driver for a better travel in Llafranc.

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