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Lisbon Coast Getting there and around

Being the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a destination of a number of airlines, viz. US Airways, Lufthansa, Continental Airlines, British Airways, Egyptair, Turkish Airlines, Air France, Iberia, Easyjet, Finnair, and KLM. Aerobus, running on line 91 and departing every 20 minutes, connects the airport to the city center. Aeroshuttle, running on line 96, also connects the airport to the city center, halting at Sete Rios bus station and financial district. If you want a private journey to the city center or hotel, you can always rent a taxi, which charges according to the meter. You may also rent a car to reach your destination in Lisbon Coast. You can also use either of the two train routes. If you are coming from the south, get off at Entrecampos or Sete Rios to reach the metro stations. And use Santa Apolonia if you are arriving from the Porto, Gaia and Aveiro, Coimbra. Nearly all major Portugal cities have direct buses to Lisbon Coast. If you want to enjoy a boat ride to various Lisbon stations, such as Barreiro, Cacilhas, Montijo, and Trafaria, it will be an excellent sightseeing journey across the Tagus River. Why not ride your way to the city center on a bicycle. For the airport’s relative proximity to the city center, it will certainly be a refreshing journey. Cycling will be a better option if you want to explore the beautiful interiors of Lisbon. Cycling will certainly be full of entertainment and scenic, especially riding along the waterfront from Baixa to the historical area of Descobertas-Belem-Jernonimos.

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