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Lisbon Coast Holidays

Lisbon Coast is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, if not on the planet. One can spend hours together relaxing on one of the beaches and resorts along the Lisbon Coast – a vast area starting north of Lisbon from the beach Town of Ericeira to the eastern Town of Abrantes. The Lisbon Coast also includes the area on the bank of the River Tagus, continues until the Town of Vila Franca de Xira and Vendas Novas, Alcácer do Sal, and Grândola toward the south before merging with the coast on the sandy beaches of Porto Covo in the west. It also includes several towns, including the Lisbon City.

Looking to savor some real excitement in Portugal? Come; relish the beauty of this majestic place on the planet. Decked with excellent sandy beaches, with the ocean bathing the coast 24/7, Lisbon coast offers nothing less than entertainment to the tourists and locals alike. The mesmerizing water expanse and port created by the Tagus River estuary also boasts several protected beach locations for visitors. Cascais and Estoril are the two beautiful beach towns at the mouth of the estuary, which boast excellent swimming conditions, with calm and pollution-free water. Guincho and Costa da Caparica are the two other majestic beach towns, enjoying world-wide fame for windsurfing. Taking a walk along the Cascais beach to the elegant upscale resort of Estoril is a mesmerizing experience for anybody looking for a healthy way to relish the beauty of Lisbon Coast.

General Etiquette in Lisbon Coast
As a tourist hotspot, Lisbon Coast is quite tolerant to attire. You may wear any kind of attire that you like, as the residents do not pay much attention to whether the attire of the tourists befits the local norms. Even topless bathing on the beach is readily accepted. Though the Portuguese are quite courteous, polite, and helpful, try playing safe and avoid making comments on religion and personal finances of the locals. In Lisbon Coast, on being introduced to somebody, while men shake hands, women usually kiss each other on each cheek. The Portuguese consider it impolite to stretch in public and lick fingers. In public, one is expected to eat with knife and fork, not with fingers. Place a napkin on your lap before beginning a meal. As smoking is common in Lisbon, non-smokers are advised not to complain against this, instead find out a smoke-free location. Try not to get embroiled in a heated debate about football, which a passion for the Portuguese.

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