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Lesbos Holidays

Lesbos is an island in Greece which is spread over an area of 630 square miles making it the third biggest island after Evvia and Crete offering you incredible Greek Island Holidays. The island comprises of 90,000 natives, of which one third stay towards the south-eastern part of the island and rest are distributed in small villages and towns. It is famously called as the “Emerald Island” as eleven million olive trees occupy 40% of the area along with other variety of trees.

Holidays to Lesbos (Lesvos)

Since Lesbos is a huge island, it offers you ample opportunities to explore the lovely farmlands and well-preserved villages. Nature lovers can have a lovely time with different species of birds spotted at Skala Kalloni. Adventure lovers can have an amazing time experiencing the different sports activities on their adventure holidays to Lesbos. People on family holidays and honeymoon holidays to Lesbos can visit Skala Eressou, which features migrating birds, and tame turtles alongside the river. From attractive markets to artist studios and lovely beaches to rewarding watersports, Lesbos Holidays offers you the best of Greek holidays.

General Etiquette

When it comes to tipping in your holidays to Lesbos, it is advisable to tip upto 15% of the total bill.  It is done by keeping in mind that waitress and waiters rely mainly on tips due to low wage rate.

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