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Lefkas Holidays

Lefkas or Lefkadas is located at the heart of main Ionian Islands; it nestles beautifully among the other islands. It is the only island that is well connected to mainland Greece. The airport of Perveza is about 30 km from Lefkas making it easily accessible for tourists. Holidaymakers, who want to escape from city life to the rural Greek Island life, love to enjoy Lefkas holidays in Greece.

Even though Lefkas is less commercialized as compared to its neighbouring islands, Holidays in Lefkas bring to you plenty of accommodation options in tourist as well as quieter areas. It is a beautiful place to unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with picturesque landscapes full of beautiful sunsets, clear blue waters and white sandy beaches. It also offers numerous water sports and land activities that would truly make your holidays to Lefkas unforgettable.

The charming countryside is certainly a delight which can be explored by bicycle or foot through the traditional villages, lovely forested mountains and green farmlands. There are no less opportunities for water sports activities in Lefkas if you are looking for Scuba Diving, Kayaking, sailing and windsurfing with Vassiliki located at the southern part of Lefkas, a world famous windsurfing centre. On the west coast, you will see rocky coasts, rugged cliffs and open beaches which truly attract the adventurous holidaymakers. If you want to go for Greek Island Holidays, do not forget to choose Lefkas as your destination.

General Etiquette in Lefkas

While paying for your bills at restaurants in Lefkas, it is advisable to round off the figure if paying in cash. Also, you may tip the server upto 15% of the bill. Tips can be paid by keeping in mind that young waiters and waitress rely upon tips as their wages are quite low in Greece.

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