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Las Vegas Holidays

Arguably one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the entire world, Las Vegas truly lives up to its reputation of being the hottest and the most sought after holiday location. With a pulsating nightlife, plenty of accommodations, grand casinos; the ‘gambling capital of the world’ offers a true holiday experience to be cherished forever.

Choose from a wide range of Las Vegas Holidays’ packages designed specially with a view to suit all types of travellers. Decide if you wish to go for a luxury holiday or a cheap budget holiday, if it would be family holiday or a holiday just for the two of you. We also plan last minute holidays for impulsive vacationers.

Stay in any of the thousands of hotels categorised as Luxury, Medium and Budget or Cheap hotels in the Las Vegas Strip and Metropolitan area.

Roll out some dices and try your luck at any of the zillion casinos, such as the Bellagio or the MGM Grand. Test your luck during Las Vegas holidays and who knows you could return as a millionaire.

Marvel at the lovely sights of the Bellagio fountain show choreographed with music, absolutely free of charge. Aptly, one of the highlights of Las Vegas Holidays’ packages.

Take a helicopter tour of the imposing Grand Canyons and explore the entire Las Vegas Strip. This may help you to chalk out an itinerary for your Las Vegas Holidays.

Las Vegas is located in the state of Nevada, United States..

The city of Las Vegas was discovered by Spanish travellers and was formerly a part of Mexico. It was inducted in the States following its annexation in 1855. Initially developed as a railroad town, Las Vegas was later remodelled and promoted as a hub for incessant fun activities. The legalisation of gambling in the early 1930’s marked the emergence of Las Vegas as a fun holiday destination. The advent of casinos and nightclubs brought about a revolution of sorts. Las Vegas has since grown to be a prime holiday site and we, at ZipHolidays, ensure you have a whale of a time the next time you plan your Las Vegas Holidays.

Flanked by the Grand Canyons, the rest of Las Vegas has a dusty and rocky terrain. The city is about 620 mts above sea level. English is the primary language. The latest census listed its population at 478,500, of which about three-quarters is constituted by Whites (non-Hispanic) and the rest comprises of African-Americans, American Indians, Asians and Hawaiians.

The currency is in US Dollars.
1 GBP = 1.509 USD at the time of writing this. Check the latest here.

Renew your vows or simply get married at the picturesque Graceland Chapel, making your Las Vegas Holidays truly memorable!

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