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Lagos Holidays

Lagos is a city at the river Bensafrim and along the Atlantic Ocean, in the region of Algarve. Lagos is the most historically interesting coastal town in Algarve. Its fame derives from its association with Portugal's 14th-and 15th-century age of Discovery. It was here that Henry the Navigator had his vessels built and victualled for the voyages of exploration down the coast of West Africa which ultimately led to the sea route past the Cape of Good Hope to India.

The total population is of 27,041 inhabitants. One of the most formidable milestones in the quest for a sea passage to the Orient was Cape Bojador, a headland on the bulge of Africa which struck terror in the hearts of medieval seafarers. There are several interesting statues erected to the famous figures of the past that are associated with the history of this town. The town’s more recently constructed Marina presents a lovely picture and this harbour is practically the first sight a visitor has of Lagos. The municipal council has constructed near to the centre of the town there is a reasonably modern Cultural Centre in which various exhibitions and culturally related events are held during the year. In the Marina visitors will find different boat tours, yacht hire, and deep sea-fishing outings that can be booked.

Holidays in Lagos offer a wide selection of beaches ranging from tiny sandy coves backed by cliffs, to the vast expanses of the spectacular Meia Praia. Try the lovely cove at Praia do Pinhao and the outstandingly picturesque Praia de Dona.  Lagos holidays offer splendid opportunities for windsurfing, sailing, canoeing and diving at both Meia Praia and Porto de Mos. Lagos holidays are also popular with golf fans, with excellent courses with sea views in the region.

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