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La Palma Restaurants and dining

The traditional food at La Palma, like other Canary Islands, reveals Portuguese, North African and Spanish influences. Before European settled on the island, the inhabitants relished cereals, fruits and Gofio. Made from toasted cereals, Gofio is served with a number of other dishes. Tow other popular dishes are Pucherio Canario and Papas Arrugadas. Pucherio Canario is a stew made of pumpkin, vegetable and beef, whereas Papas Arrugadas is made of boiled potatoes.

On La Palma Holidays, it is a real treat to visit the popular restaurants and savour the delicacies. The best restaurants and dining venues are located in Santa Cruz region, on Brena Baja coast and near the popular beach at La Palma.

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