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La Palma Attractions and Activities

Climbing and trekking: La Palma holidays are meant to enjoy the laidback atmosphere and do nothing. But that might not sound quite compelling for self-indulging and adrenalin-rich tourists. The spectacular treks and trails at La Palma are an inspiration to climbers and mountaineers.

Water Tunnels: La Palma is a famous destination, known for water tunnels present on the island. There are about 13 water tunnels that cut through the volcanic rocks. Every year tourists rush for these tunnels as they are major attractions on the island.

Valley: located on the west end of the island is a beautiful valley with plantation lands and fields. The weather is superb throughout the year, making sure that you enjoy some great moments at La Palma. Average temperature recorded in the valley is between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. The place also homes the famous restaurants and hotels of La Palma.

Puntagorda: A visit to Puntagorda won’t be enough and we suggest that you stay for at least a week at this beautiful location. The region is marked by lofty tree-line and the decent that touches the sea. There is a conservation park below the wooded areas and the village. Fine weather, peaceful environment and picturesque landscapes promise to delight you here on La Palma holidays.

Marine Reserve: The rich biodiversity at the Marine Reserve is worth to watch. The reserve comprises of an Inner reserve and Outer reserve, covering a total area of hectares. The reserve lies towards the south and preserves rare marine animal and plant species.

Volcanoes: La Palma has many volcano sites that are often visited by travellers. Some of these volcanic sites are located on hilltops with beautiful landscapes all around. Most visited among these sites are San Antonio and Teneguia.

Tijarafe Musuem: It is a small museum, located in townhall of Tijarafe. The museum has a collection of Prehispanic tools. The place is good for an excursion or a day visit.

Taburiente National Park: Dotted with pine and juniper trees, Taburiente National Park is one of the most beautiful places in La Palma and the Canary Islands. The park features one of the biggest volcanic craters, which is about 28 kms in circumference. The lush green vegetation, streams and rising Canary pines adorn the landscape at this place. It is a wonderful camping site and you will find a lot of travellers with their camping gear at this site.

Roque de los Muchachos Observatory: The site was selected for an international observatory after carefully studying the area and the environment. It is all perfect, with clear blue sky, no sign of urban settlements, no pollutions and fine weather. The astrophysics observatory was constructed in 1979, after many countries agreed about its perfect location. People are allowed to visit the observatory on specific days, as the observatory was built for scientific purposes.

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