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La Palma Holidays

La Palma, meaning the Island of Palms, is a small island of extreme beauty. It is one of the lesser known among Canary Island, which lies in the Atlantic Ocean, away from the African continent and near Morocco. The island’s terrain and ridges are composed of volcanic rocks, giving it a unique dark colour. It is quiet ambience and remote location is suitable for romantic vacations.

Deep gorges, impressive valleys, hot streams are some commonly found attractions at La Palma. The trails along the ridges, clear atmosphere, dense vegetation and the distant sea make up a great environment for an adventure-filled journey.

About La Palma

The original inhabitants of La Palma disappeared years after La Palma was acceded to Spain as its colony in the 15th century. The aborigines are believed as sharing the common ancestry with the African (North) tribes. These tribes migrated and settled in La Palma hundreds of years ago. In the medieval ages, the tribes formed clans and the island was ruled by kings and chieftains before the arrival of colonial powers.

Conquests to La Palma began in the early 15th century (1404) with Spanish fighting some fierce battles with the local inhabitants. It took more than 90 years for Spaniards to break the resistance and establish their rule on La Palma, and that too by deception. The Spanish conqueror arrested the last king after calling a truce.

In 16th and 17th century, La Palma served as a halting station for traders and immigrants from far off places started immigrating to this wonderful island. It also led to the development of the port area. Population on the island increased and La Palma was soon occupied by new generation of inhabitants. Today, the island is home to about 86,000 people. La Palma holidays give you sheer pleasure of the place and to enjoy great hospitality of the people and easy access to Egypt holidays.

La palma, like the Maldives is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Cheap Maldives holidays, like holidays in La Palma are amongst some of the most booked package holidays by the British. Both Maldives and La Palma are top destinations for Thomson Airlines, First Choice Airlines and various other airlines.

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