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Kos Holidays

The third largest island in the Dodecanese group, Kos is every tourist’s dream. It has everything you require for a memorable holiday. Kos holidays give you the time of a lifetime. The island is very popular among tourists from UK and Europe for a number of reasons. It has a lot of hotels and modern buildings lining the coast, unlike most of the other islands which have retained their traditional look. Yet there is an appeal of Kos holidays which lures many tourists there every year. Once you have gone beyond the modern buildings you will see the real Kos, with its mountains, forests, olive groves and golden beaches. Kos is one of the most fertile islands in that archipelago.

Most beaches in Kos are amongst the best in the Dodecanese Islands. There are about 25 miles of beaches on the island and you can enjoy many water activities on your Kos holidays. There are also several places of archaeological and historical interest in Kos. You can visit the ruins of the old city, the knights’ castle and the shrine of Asklepion.

If you are looking for Greece holidays with lots to see and do, then Kos is the place for you. The beaches, mountains, archaeological sites and villages are lovely to explore. There is an active nightlife as well for those of you who like to party all night. If you are looking for peace and quiet, then Kos holidays can also give you that. There are some quiet little villages and beaches where you can go to just relax.

Places Of Interest

All inclusive Kos holidays are very popular amongst tourists because of the number of interesting places to see. The museums, ruins and churches are a great testimony to the island’s extensive history. In the ruins of the old city of Kos, you will see remnants of an old market, ancient castles and a Roman gymnasium. The archaeological museum is another must see. It has exhibits from ancient Kos and the main attraction is the statue of Hippocrates dating back to the 4th century BC.

The plane tree of Hippocrates is another major attraction in Kos. Kos is said to be the home of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. He planted the tree himself and practiced medicine while sitting under it. The tree is said to be more than 2500 years old. The ancient temple of Asklepion is a place you must not miss on Kos holidays. It was built as a shrine for the God of healing, Asklepios.

The resort of Tigaki is a favourite amongst most tourists. Many major tourist complexes are located there and operated by major tour operators. Many of the villages are worth visiting on your Kos holidays. They have traditional houses as well as a gamut of landscapes which attracts many tourists.

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