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Kololi Holidays

Kololi is a small town on the Atlantic coast. It is a popular destination amongst European tourists who wish to relax in its serene surroundings on a beach holiday. This is an amazing place for some good quality diving and other water sports. Kololi offers some breathtaking views of the sunset over the Atlantic. It also boasts about its exotic wildlife and the surrounding Bijolo Forest Park.

Kololi is popular for its beaches and strong water currents. With long hours of sunlight, the beach is ideal for sun bathing. It also has thatched huts for tourists who wish to lie in the shade. The beach has fruit stalls which sells fresh fruit. Apart from the beach, Kololi has a vibrant nightlife with bars, numerous restaurants and outdoor entertainment like dancing. Kololi holidays are full of fun.

General Etiquette

Locals in Gambia follow Muslim values and traditions. Gambians are also particular about traditional greetings. It is considered good to use the right hand to give or take any item or food. It is advisable not to wear swim wear away from the beach or swimming pools during your Kololi holidays. It is illegal to click photos of police officers, government buildings, military bases and guards. Also, be sure to take permission before clicking anyone’s photo as it may be annoying and against their tradition while you are holidaying in Kololi.

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