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Kingston Holidays

On the South Coast of Jamaica is its capital city, Kingston. Kingston holidays assure its travellers abundant sun shine, pristine beaches and plentiful water sports in its Caribbean waters. With luxury and budget resorts in Kingston, tourists find it convenient to spend holidays here. Kingston is the largest city of Jamaica. Founded in 1692, for the survivors of the 1692 earthquake, this English speaking land grew up with more than three thousand buildings by the end of 18th century. Such rapid development in Kingston also led to the city becoming the host city for Commonwealth Games in 1966. Most of Jamaica’s economy relies on Kingston.

Captivating Kingston

Kingston holidays are fresh and full of life, true to the spirit of Jamaica. Surrounded by the picturesque Blue Mountains and Caribbean Sea, Kingston is not only about sun, sand and turf, but has a treasure of historical marvels as well. The 'uptown' or New Kingston houses all the essential attractions and activities, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels. Home to Bob Marley, Kingston holidays take tourists through to his Museum that has his clothes, records etc. Holidays in Kingston are also about pretty streams, waterfalls and coffee plantations, with day tours for getting around these places. Shopping in Kingston is another holiday maker’s delight. Right from locally-made arts and crafts, jewellery, straw bags, items made from the local wood, 'mahoe' to food items such as fresh tropical produce, Blue Mountain coffee, rum and jerk spices; Kingston holidays assure their tourists go back with sacks full of memories.

General Etiquette in Kingston

A US$10 is levied as Jamaican tourist entry charge for tourists visiting the nation of islands for the first time by the Jamaican Government. Tipping here is appreciated only at some places. If you see a board of no tipping somewhere, then don’t tip as that might land an employee into trouble. However, you may tip porters who pick your luggage at US$1 per bag.

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