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Kikambala Holidays

Kikambala holidays offer a chance to explore one of the most incredible beaches in Africa. The extensive stretch of soft sand bordering turquoise ocean and lush green countryside is one of the most enviable landscapes to see in the world. Kikambala beach holidays are tempting during the winter breaks thanks to abundant sunshine and warm sea waters fit for water sports.

Kikambala beach holidays are ideal see the attractions in and around northeastern coast of Kenya. The woods draped in tropical flowers, verdant countryside and swaying coconut palms on the beach make the landscape enchanting. The gorgeously warm Indian Ocean with lot of facilities for snorkeling, diving, surfing, and canoeing add to the superb Kikambala holidays. Nightlife in hotel clubs and wide variety of food and beverages in bars and restaurants appeal to tourists on Kikambala holidays. The outstanding evening entertainment adds to the glamour of Kikambala beach holidays. Tourists can enjoy stay in traditional beach villas.

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